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This is a basic simulation toy for particle life. The concept is based on the idea of generating complex behavior from simple rules.


  • Press G to show/hide UI
  • Press S to save particle types
  • Press C to clear particle types
  • Press R to regenerate the sim
  • Press T to toggle the trails
  • Press Up/Down arrow keys to increase/decrease the particle count
  • Press Right/Left arrow keys to increase/decrease the particle count
  • Press Space to pause/play the sim
  • Click on an area to pull nearby particle  to it


  • In each simulation there are are a set number of particle types/species (these are indicated by their colour).
  • Each particle type has 2 rules deciding how it interacts with all the particle types including itself:
    • A value that either attracts or repels the particle
    • 2 values which determine the minimum and maximum detection range of the particle
  • You can control these values on the right panel
  • On the left panel you can control values which affect the sim as a whole (speed, friction, particle count, particle type count)
  • This is fairly unoptimised so I do advise being careful with the particle count slider


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Windows.zip 19 MB
macOS.zip 35 MB
Linux.zip 25 MB

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