Welcome to hyper chess. In this game you get to play chess expanded across 3 dimensions.

All the pieces can move in according the normal rules of chess. However, they now have access to move along the vertical axis in rules based on their 2 dimensional movement. Currently there is no AI therefore it is recommended you play alongside a friend or try it by yourself.

Here are the rules for moving  up and down on the y-axis however I do recommend playing for yourself to see how each piece moves:

1. Pawn - the pawn may move 2 space upward on its initial move after which it can only move one square at a time. When taking  a piece it can take any piece that is above it by 1 space and offset by one of the horizontal axes by 1 space (diagonally).

2. Rook- the rook can move anywhere 1 dimension at a time (x, y or z).

3. Knight - in each axis (x,y,z) the knight can moves 2 spaces (forward or backward) along one axis and then move 1 space along one of the other axes.

4. Bishop - the bishop can move anywhere 2 dimensions at a time (x+z, x+y or y+z).

5. Queen - the queen's movements are effectively the movement of the rook and bishop joined together. This means it can move in 1 or 2 of the 3 dimensions at a time.

6. King - the king can move  in both 1 or 2 dimensions at a time. However, it can only move 1 space in a turn.


- Right mouse button to rotate view

- WASD/arrows to move horizontally

- Space/shift to move vertically

- Click on a piece to see where you can move it

- Click on the boxes that appear to make your move

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